Culmination Of Crappy Happenings, Struggling To Cope

Oct. 1, 2017 by

I have had an average few weeks. I saw the truest colours of someone who is unavoidable in my life at the moment which left more than just a sour

Life Really Is Too Short

Sep. 8, 2017 by

I’ve always felt lost in “what I wanted to do when I grew up.” I have tried multiple paths but never really feeling a sense of satisfaction. Everyone knows the

Our Unconscious Is Amazingly Complex

Aug. 6, 2017 by

Depression and anxiety has kicked into overdrive recently and it has been a real demon. A few weeks ago I was at such a low point that I didn’t like

Depression + Anxiety = A Whole Mix Of Crap

Jul. 15, 2017 by

Last post I was open about my depression. It has been a month of continued ups and downs which has meant my depression and anxiety have gone up and down

The Curse Of The Black Dog

Jun. 18, 2017 by

I was the kind of kid who would get down and out for no reason. Now many years later I still can’t tell you why. As I became a teenager

Bullying. Killing Confidence From Childhood To Adulthood

Apr. 23, 2017 by

I was the nerdy kid at school. That’s not to say I was the smart kid, I just wasn’t part of the ‘in’ crowd so therefore automatically dubbed the ‘nerd.’

Prioritising Life

Mar. 13, 2017 by

Well it’s been over a month since my initial post and to be honest, I haven’t logged in since. This was never my intention when starting this process, I didn’t


Feb. 5, 2017 by

Welcome to JenWhy and my first ever blog post. I have always had a love of writing but it has been on the back burner for awhile. This is largely