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Today is New Years Eve, saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018 in a matter of hours. This is the time of year where we self reflect, possibly even make new years resolutions which are more than likely the same or a variation of previous years and look forward to what the new year brings. Often we will say “bring it on, lets hope it will be better than this year” and I am guilty of that in years gone by. However life is what we make of it, the years are what we make of it.

This past year has been full of ups and downs and self reflection. I can’t say it has been a bad year by any means but certainly full of learning. Learning about myself, where I fit into this world and also those around me. I have also learnt what is important to me and to recognise the little things in life as they are often what grounds us.

I have also been doing a lot of thinking and self reflection on what is important to me, more so over the last few weeks. I find myself in a situation I didn’t think I would be in even a short time ago. I have spiraled downwards in relation to consequences of decisions I have made and acted upon. I have 2 choices, let it consume me or work with it. I reached out to others which was a help and a hindrance. Whilst they had the best of intentions, talking to too many people who have an opinion gets confusing and really at the end of the day this is my life not theirs. If I am going to find myself I need to ultimately do it on my own. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the support but there comes a point where I had to say enough is enough, no more opinions no more advice, work this stuff out myself.

Now even though I have said that there’s only so much advice one can take, I am going to give you some which you can take or leave. This is your life, no one else’s. Don’t take crap, stand up for yourself when you need to, reach out when you need to and always love yourself first and foremost. Follow your path even if others don’t agree with you, if that path doesn’t work ignore everyone else’s opinion on the matter. There will always be haters, there will always be an opinion but the only one that matters is yours.

Dream big. By dreaming big I mean dream big for whatever that means to you. You don’t need to be a millionaire, traveled the world or be famous in your field for you to be a success. Do what makes you happy. If that’s working at the local supermarket so you can be home for your kids after school then go for it. If happiness to you is being world famous and stopping at nothing to get that, then hats off to you. Big is what you make of it and what you want. When you reflect on your life in years to come, will you be more satisfied saying you were happy or that you were always chasing a dream and never being fulfilled due to never quite achieving it.

I have spent my adult life chasing this idea of a career. What I was really after was a title I thought I needed that sounds noble. I am no longer chasing that label. I choose happiness. If I end up with the title along the way then great but I choose happiness first of all. I have been told that I will change the world. What I want is to change my world, that is what makes me happy.

Here’s to a great 2018 and being happy xx

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