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I have said before that I was that quiet and shy kid who wasn’t understood very well. I don’t know where this behaviour came from but from everything I have been learning over the past few months, I know that this could have been engrained before my birth, even before that. Believe what you will in regards to that but since I have opened my heart and mind to these possibilities I feel more at peace with where I am now. That peace also comes from the knowledge and power to know that I also have it within me to change that behaviour.

I was picked on a lot. First it was from my older brother but that is part of his job description at the time I guess. We have a great relationship now by the way so that hasn’t affected me negatively, not in any conscious or isolated way anyway. It wasn’t until grade 5 when I really became the victim of schoolyard bullying. I have written before about my experience there, when I was ultimately left by myself when I was isolated from the rest of my peers. That is where I recognised the negative behaviour of others but there would have been earlier experiences that would have taken place as well, they are hidden away in my unconscious.

These are what help form who we are in adult life. There are many options to choose, yes choose as everything is a choice. We choose to be happy, we choose to be sad, we choose to live negatively, we choose to live positively. We can let our past define us or we can embrace it and improve on the learnings from it. The journey for me is my choice to embrace it and help others, that is how JenWhy was born.

This blog was so I could reach out to others, letting them know they aren’t alone. It has evolved beyond just the blog. I am now a qualified coach and my way of helping others is to work one on one to remove what is holding them back so they can recognise their choices and live life how they want. I am in talks with several schools to work with students at primary and high school levels so they can learn to recognise the choices they make and what that does for their future. My future is brighter than it ever has been before and that is thanks to my choices and embracing my past.

Of course with these developments a Facebook page has developed. This is another way to reach people and if you haven’t done so already, please like my page and share it, you never know who may need it. This is my purpose, my power and my passion and I have never felt more comfortable in my life’s journey. Don’t you owe it to yourself to feel the same way?

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