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I have done a real turn around in life since attending my NLP practitioner training. I am trusting in myself a lot more and trusting in my own instincts. I have had comments from others that I am a lot happier and that comes at times where I am not being “out there” happy so that’s nice to hear how much it oozes out of me.

I am also letting loose a lot more and have less care about what others think of me or see me as. Tonight I did a bit of a skip through Coles as I got closer to the freezer section where Adam was and did not care what I looked like. I also dance to music as I feel like it.

I am recognising more of the little signs that the universe is putting out there that I am on the right path. Some of you reading that line might scoff at the sheer silliness of that and I used to be one of those people. I used to think this whole universe mentality was such a crock but I have seen so much truth in it over the past 12 months as I have opened myself up to it. Tonight whilst listening to the radio Lose Yourself by Eminem came on and I felt compelled to get up and move to the music and channel the words. For the first time I really absorbed the meaning even though I have heard the song a thousand times before. Whilst I will certainly not be a rapper (I can’t keep up with the beat!) I still got lost in it and swayed around my bedroom attempting to keep up with the beat to the lyrics. That song came on at the right time and I feel inspired and empowered.

Just remember to recognise the subtle signs in your life as they really are out there and remember what you put out is what you get back. I am putting faith in myself and I am seeing positivity all around and deflecting the negativity.

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