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Today would have been my grandfather’s 108th birthday. He has been gone for his past 3 birthdays (now 4) however it’s so much more than just a birthday. I traveled interstate each birthday since his 100th to see him for his celebrations as I knew one of them would be the last that he would be around for. Having a grandparent over the age of 100 was a proud thing for my family and I. It was a “tradition” for 5 years that I would come up and we would have a quiet celebration and he would get his cap that would read his age and Not Out underneath it which he and Grandma both loved.

Since his passing I would call Grandma instead where even though she missed him dearly every day, special days like this were exceptionally tough. It was also a good excuse to give her a call as I would get caught up in my own life and not call for weeks. She always loved the fact that I remembered and she would tell me like with all conversations that she was pleased to hear my voice.

Today though is the first one since they have both passed and somehow this is affected me more than Christmas Day, which was the first big event after she passed away. I feel the pain of not being able to call and hear her voice. I guess we helped each other though the day. She helped me much more than I ever thought. My solace though is that they are together once more for Grandpa’s birthday and hopefully sharing a tiny piece of cake like they always do.

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